Beyond Email: Timesheets

The final source of social network data I have actively exploited is from a time recording system. These are going to vary widely between organisations and the one I’ve worked with has been quite fiddly to manipulate so I won’t go into too much detail. What I’d like to describe is how I’ve derived the ‘score’:

  1. Extract a list of projects
  2. For each project find the number of people who have booked time to it
  3. Find every pair of people who have booked time to each project
  4. From the pair of people take the lowest number of hours booked to the project
  5. Divide the lowest number of hours (4) by the number of people on the project (2)

The reasoning here is that the number of hours booked to a project by any given person has to be shared-out amongst all the other people in the project. Unlike meetings, where I used minutes as part of the formula here I use hours because working on a project does not imply necessarily spending lots of time interacting.

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