Running Neo4j on Windows Azure

There are a number of approaches to getting Neo4j onto Azure, some of which are listed on the Neo4j’s website. Dynamic Deploy looked like the best approach but for some reason it would not offer deployment to Europe. There are also some pre-built Linux images but I wanted a Windows-based install so that I could easily troubleshoot any problems. Eventually I followed this post which installs Neo4j into an Azure worker role. This really shows what can be done with the PaaS approach, as opposed to using a VM: it installs and configures Java and Neo4j, creates and/or attaches a virtual hard drive and starts Neo4j bound to a custom port. As the author notes this was written against an older version of the SDK. To bring it to the latest version just search out all the references to Azure libraries and change then to the latest version. I also had problems with the VM as it seems the connection can’t be https; I’ve not investigated why this is so for now I’ve changed it, as shown below, to http:

Neo4j Azure Connection String B

The Storage connection string setting should now look like this:

Neo4j Azure Connection String A

And one more thing, you may find firewalls block port 5000 so you could try some commonly allowed ones like 8080.


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